As an affiliate of the McCallum Law Firm, PLLC, ME Sports realizes the opportunity to play professional sports is a once in a lifetime experience for prospects and their families. Therefore, we provide services to ensure our athletes and their families are adequately prepared for this life-changing event.

We understand the amount of pressure the industry places on athletes and their families and seek to help them adjust.  The balance between an athletes career and family are a priority to ME Sports.  We offer various counseling, relocation, and an array of seminars designed to enhance the athletes professional experience.  Furthermore, ME Sports takes a vested interest in the financial strength of players during the various stages of their careers leading into retirement.

Sports Agent

Athlete/Coach Representation

Our representation includes the following:

  • Negotiating Contracts with professional teams.

  • Negotiating sponsorship and endorsement contracts

  • Assisting clients with understanding, interpreting, and complying with rules of governing and sanctioning bodies.

  • Representation of all athlete grievances, hearings, and appeals.

Additionally, ME Sports examines all possibilities under the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and salary cap pertaining to the NFL, NBA, and MLB to ensure clients receive the best possible contract with particular emphasis on the maximization of guaranteed money. 

For those athletes who are pursuing careers within the PGA/LPGA and NHL/IPHL, we examine all possibilities and ensure clients receive applicable athletic benefits and membership opportunities.  This will include athletic medical coverage, access to training facilities, financial support, and all other benefits.  This will include opportunities to compete Nationally and Internationally.

ME Sports also provides representation to coaches looking to move to the next level in their particular sport.    

Sports Agency


We assist our clients in the formation, development, and maintenance of foundations, charitable enterprises and other nonprofit ventures or associations.

Sports Agency



We provide opportunities for our clients to create a solid brand in his/her community and nationwide in order to generate marketing revenue.

Our company provides customized marketing strategies that compliment our player's specific goals and interest.   

Sports  Training


ME Sports provides training specifically tailored for each of our clients in order to prepare for:

  • NBA Combines

  • NBA G-League

  • NBA Draft

  • MLB Draft

  • MLB Spring Training

  • PGA/LPGA Tour


  • And much more

We also provide our clients with Injury Rehabilitation, Off-season training and nutritional plans.

Sports Agency

Public Relations

Our clients have access to a professional image consultant, in order to assist them with establishing and maintaining a positive public image.

We also provide media relations assistance and training which may include:

  • Speaking engagements

  • Interviews and Special Appearances

  • Special events planning/management

Sports Agency

Concierge/Relocation Services

We personally ensure that each of our clients receive professional client services, which will include overall assistance with day-to-day tasks.    

With all the stress that comes with joining a team or changing teams mid-season, the last thing you need to worry about is where you are going to live. Our team will handle all the aspects of your move so that you can focus on getting acclimated to your new team instead of wondering where you are going to sleep tomorrow. 

Sports Agency

Financial Management

In addition to the extensive experience the ME Sports team has in financial planning, our Clients also have access to Certified Financial Advisers. Each of our clients receive a customized plan based on their personal finances. 

We also provide assistant with retirement planning, estate planning, and tax preparation.

Sports Agency

Post Career Counseling

We assist our clients with their off the field career goals such as continuing their education or post career employment/entrepreneurship.

Our company has extensive experience in creating, developing, and successfully operating businesses.  We provide guidance on entering into business ventures or becoming business investors.